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Blood in our Veins

Cydnie King

22 x 30
Cydnie King was born into a family of artists in St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in Fairborn, Ohio. She loved art from a very young age, drawing ever since she could remember. Her parents encouraged her to keep drawing and creating. Cydnie loved school, but Art was always her favorite subject. She continued this passion all the way up to Webster University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Since 2014, Cydnie has become a professional artist participating in several solo and group exhibitions throughout Ohio and Missouri.
King also contributes to the arts in Dayton by working for The Contemporary Dayton as their Curatorial Assistant, as well as teaching art with Manuel Creative Arts Academy. She is a member of the Dayton-based group, Women Strong, a traveling exhibition showcasing some of the best and diverse women artists of the Dayton area. Her main body of work explores the connection between humanity and nature by depicting figures melding into botanicals. She uses bright, vivid colors to illustrate how inseparable humans are from the nature around us, no matter how hard we try to remove ourselves from nature. She mainly works with inks, soft pastels, color pencils and charcoals because she likes the fluidity of each medium together and the saturation of colors help emphasize the power of the images she creates.
In her spare time Cydnie enjoys dancing, visiting art galleries, theme parks, and traveling with her husband Alex and 1-year-old son, Isaac.
We hope you enjoy her work!

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