A Few Words About Us

Times of crisis can act as a stimulus for the creative spirit. COVID-19 is no exception.

Spending more time in his home office, Code for Dayton co-Captain Dave Best really began to notice his bare walls. Our #DaytonStrong resilience has been demonstrated by our giving to the COVID-19 fund at The Dayton Foundation to our support for our essential workers, from healthcare to those working in grocery and drug stores to those delivering our mail and packages. Many Daytonians have made an extra effort to support our local restaurants by ordering carry-out or delivery, or purchasing growlers of locally-brewed craft beer. Musicians, on their own or through venues like The Old Yellow Cab, have set up virtual concerts where the audience can donate online.

After staring at the walls, the obvious question was “What about our visual artists”? Aren’t they essential to helping bring beauty and meaning to our lives? How can the community help support them at a time when the studios, galleries, coffee shops and restaurants where they typically show their work are closed?

In Dave’s reaching out to and partnering with The Collaboratory’s Arts Collaboratory initiative, we have co-created Essential Artists Dayton to offer a FREE online platform for Dayton visual artists to set up an online storefront. And by FREE, we mean 100% of sales, less any processing charges, goes to the artists.

Please consider setting up an account today and start to browse our galleries. We have asked artists to feature work that is priced to be accessible. Note that some artists will have links to their website or online gallery where you can view a larger body of work.

All art purchased through Essential Artists Dayton will be available for pick-up at The Collaboratory, Monday - Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM or by appointment. The exchange will be made while practicing appropriate social distancing. The Collaboratory is located at 114 West First Street, Suite B, in Talbott Tower.

Disclaimer: The art featured in an individual artist’s gallery is the responsibility of the artist, not Essential Artists Dayton, The Collaboratory, or any other individual or organization affiliated with this website.

ABOUT CODE FOR DAYTON: Code For Dayton is a group of developers, designers, creators, and civic-minded people that want to use our skills to solve problems, open data and enhance life in the Dayton region. We work with civic and community leaders and collaborate on projects.

ABOUT THE COLLABORATORY: The Collaboratory is where Dayton’s dreamers and doers gather to move innovative ideas to transformational action. They focus on developing enterprises and initiatives that generate new economic, social and creative opportunities and value.