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8″ x 8″ Giclee Mixed Media Print

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RETRACED is a story-telling art project where anonymous individuals submit a true story of overcoming to be illustrated and shared. Original art pieces are given to the author for free, and prints are sold to pay the difference. Each of the prints on this page were inspired by a true story from an anonymous author. This is the story behind this picture:

“In 2015 i started having these clear visions during meditation that there was something in my head. my doctor thought i was crazy, and did not pursue any testing.  Then, i started  having seizures. my doctor continued to explain it away saying i was “just stressed”. Finally he agreed to give me an MRI “to ease my mind”. On my way back to work from the MRI,  he doctor was calling me to say I needed to see the doctor for my results the next day.  It  was a tumor.  I’m summarizing the next few months – medications (several with horrible side effects), headaches, seizures, test after test… but nothing really worked. They suspect it is benign, but can’t tell me 100% because they can’t safely take a piece of it.  During this time, i ended a toxic marriage as well. The way he responded to me having a tumor was the last straw for me.  17 years of tolerating emotional and sometimes physical abuse along with the tumor was more than i could take, so i decided that i could only heal by myself.  I believe that this was the actual beginning of me finally starting to live.  I took control.  I researched holistic treatment of brain tumors, took myself off of medication and started in yoga teacher training.  I was having experiences with receiving messages and actually talking to archangels. At first i thought i was getting worse, and that i was hallucinating, but that wasn’t the case.  I was shown some indescribable and truly awe-inspiring things.  And i knew exactly what i was meant to do.  I also became a certified reiki master at this time as well, doing reiki on myself daily.  My purpose in life is to heal myself so that others can learn to heal themselves.  The tumor was the catalyst for me to let go of an unhealthy relationship that kept me from being who i am meant to be.  I’m grateful for my tumor and i love my life. I am surrounded by amazing and creative friends.  I vibrate at a higher level.  I am healthy. I found a passion for yoga, and i am sharing that passion by teaching it.  I am happier than i have ever been.  The angels told me the tumor was placed there because i needed a push. It was put there because i am strong enough to handle it.  It was my destiny.”


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