Geode Planter Pot with Attached Drainage Plate

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Geode Planter Pot with Attached Drainage Plate

Size: 4.25 wide x 5 tall (inch)

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Geode Planter Pot with Attached Drainage Plate
Each piece is individually thrown on the wheel and each crystal is hand carved. The geode is hand formed into the side of the pot and each crystal is added, one by one, until the piece is complete. The piece is glazed by hand, with an additional firing for the 22kg gold luster on the crystal tips. 
Since every detail, design and brushstroke is added by hand, no two pieces are identical. There are minor variances in shape, size and color, just like a real geode! Please be aware that because each piece involves hand-building techniques, the pots may have slight irregularities in circumference. These irregularities are embraced, being different should be celebrated 🙂 
***Please Note***
To highlight the beautiful way the glaze can appear, various lighting is used for these photos. Absolutely no filters are used.


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